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Can counselling help you? 

You may feel the spark has gone from your relationship, navigating a new one or not in a relationship at all. No matter what your circumstance, the chances are if you are reading this, you have concerns about how you’re relating to other or what you're getting from relationships.  


The aim of counselling is for you to feel a positive change in yourself and relationships. I offer a non-judgemental space for individuals and couples to explore their feelings and work towards a more contented life.


Here are some issues that you may be experiencing and would like help with: 



Trust is an important part of any relationship. Counselling can help with rebuilding trust and managing jealousy. 


Intimacy issues

Over time couples can encounter common sexual problems like different sex drives, lack of desire and excitement. Counselling can help couples to talk about these issues in a way that stops a partner feeling unloved and rejected. 


Family relationships

When a couple is having difficulties, this can affect the whole family. Counselling can help with your concerns about your child’s behaviour, difficulties adjusting to separation, becoming part of a step-family or parenting issues.



Daily life, work, childcare, household chores can start overtaking your lives and this can impact on how people communicate. Counselling can help to alter the way you communicate with each other. 


Confidence and self-esteem

Counselling will explore where these emotions come from and we can work on altering these feelings. 


Understanding each other

We can work together to explore each of your needs and your vulnerabilities to develop an improved understanding of each other. 



Counselling gives you space to listen to your partner to avoid the same issues from arising every time you argue. 



Moving on after an affair can be hard. Counselling can help you to understand why the affair happened, what it means to you and work on recovering and improving your relationship. 


Depression and anxiety 

No matter how severe feelings of depression or anxiety are, they can have a big impact on couples and relating to others. Counselling can help to manage these feelings and work towards a more fulfilling life. 


Separation and divorce

Relationships do sometime have to end. Counselling can help you come to terms with splitting up, managing the impact on your children, making decisions about living arrangements and moving on. 

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